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Rupert and Pip:

Yoga Adventures! 

Spreading the Wisdom of Yoga and Mindfulness to Kids! 

Through play, stories, connection and adventure. 

The teachings of both Yoga and Mindfulness date back to thousands of years. Still honoured by society today, the wisdom of these teachings can provide great relief and benefit to both children and adults. The 8-limbed philosophy of 'Yoga' is not just about movement, but also about meditation, focus, cognition, breathing techniques and ultimately freedom (enlightenment). The Yogi's followed this path and believed it led you to a place of fulfilment and peace.

Through Rupert and Pip classes, stories, books and posters, this wisdom of yoga is translated into fun, adventurous, transferrable and accessible practices, for all to enjoy, at any age. All of which encourage children towards their most confident, resilient, free, emotionally connected and true selves. 

Growing up with resilience, confidence, balanced self esteem, healthy social skills, and a healthy understanding of the world and life, has all been linked to positive mental health. Starting children earlier on a positive pathway such as Yoga, could help to prevent or manage future complications with mental health. Once these skills are learned, they can be practiced anywhere, anytime. Children can start to adopt a particular mindset from a very early age, and belief system, so the more positive messages they are exposed to the better. At Rupert and Pip we gently encourage children to lean towards a positive mindset, healthy belief systems, through the use of play, learning and reading. 

Resilience is key for any human, in order to grow up ready to take on, accept and navigate whatever life throws at us. Life isn't always easy, so developing solid foundations for resilience can help children cope further on down the line with the tricky experience of simply being human. Resilience training can start early on for children, by building a trusting relationship with themselves. Through activities, reading, stories, play, children can learn to tap into their own strength, and know that this is always there available to them. The more they learn this, and learn how to 'bounce back' from difficulties, the more they can transfer these skills to real life, and grow into their confidence. 

Playfulness and Freedom

We believe that young children learn best when learning becomes playing! As humans, we ALL require a certain amount of freedom. Freedom allows us to expand, to grow, to explore the edges of life and discover who we are. Through the books and activities of Rupert and Pip, children can subtly learn these valuable life tools, in a light hearted  playful manner, which makes learning fun, interactive and connected. Woven into the stories are Yoga based topics such as compassion, gratitude, kindness, acceptance, emotional intelligence, understanding of life, self care, resilience training and so much more. We hope that children enjoy using all things Rupert and Pip, as much as we do creating them! 

Help Rupert and Pip Help Charities. 

Rupert and Pip Yoga donate 5% of their profits to charities that support children. Which means 5% of every book/ item you purchase! 

Officially in partnership with 'The Children's Society' charity, supporting children in the UK and abroad from situations of abuse, neglect, poverty and crisis.  To find out more about The Children's Society click HERE

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"Little Maddy who dreams of being a writer was so impressed and inspired. She really connected with the idea and thought it was a great way to help children feel strong“

— Vikki, Nanny

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