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Yoga Story Telling Books For Children!

Delve into the adventure and wonder of Yoga through the art of storytelling. Be alongside Rupert and his sister Pip, as they encounter the twist and turns of life and growing up as a child in the 21st century. Each book, told in rhyme, tells a tale and story, where perhaps a problem needs to be solved, or where some wisdom might be required. Both Rupert and Pip practice Yoga and meditation to access their 'Inner Guru', to tap into their own inner wisdom, and to feel joyful, happy and at peace with all life has to offer! All Rupert and Pip Yoga books  can be read as a standalone story book (without the Yoga) or simply to practice Yoga on its own. Rupert and Pip Yoga Adventures is becoming a series! Both "Triumphing the Bullies!" and "Lets go Eco!", are available to order now. 


Its almost finished, and not quite yet printed! SO, for the next couple of months, were running our PRE-ORDER OFFER, where you can pre-order the book at our DISCOUNT price of £6.99 before its even printed.

Pretty cool huh? 


"Triumphing the Bullies!"

A book to promote kindness, resilience, confidence and gratitude.

Join Rupert and his little sister Pip, on a journey to find resilience, kindness and peace. Rupert comes home from school, feeling a little sad, after a tricky day. To connect to his own wisdom on how to navigate this troubling situation, Rupert calls upon his own inner Guru "Superhero Ru!". Together with his sister Pip, they carry out the 'Strong Salutation' yoga sequence, some calming meditation and take some time to reflect. This takes both Rupert and Pip to a good feeling place of peace, confidence and inner happiness. 


"Lets go Eco!"

A book of wisdsom and understanding to help support and save our planet!

Rupert and Pip are admiring their beautiful garden, all the nature it contains, and wondering what they can do to help support our planet, and keep it happy and well. Follow the adventure in this book, not just for Yoga and Meditation practice, but also for insight into how we can all make small, simple changes everyday, which help to save our beautiful planet. The "Wisdom Yoga Sequence" helps Rupert tune into his inner Guru, "Superhero Ru!", for wise tips and techniques for our planets care! 

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** Still in the making- not yet manifested into creation! **

But, watch this space.....

"I love being me!"

A book about the importance of self love and acceptance!

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