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About Rupert and Pip Yoga For Kids.

Rupert and Pip Yoga was developed with  mission to spread the seeds and wisdom of Yoga and Mindfulness to as many children as possible, far and wide. Not only a Yoga and Mindfulness book series, but also providing many tips, tools and other forms of merchandise, Rupert and Pip Yoga aims to help children learn the principles of Yoga and Mindfulness through lighthearted play.


Have you tried our posters? We have many things on offer to encourage children towards a place of balance and peace!


Founded by Joyce, in 2019, after launching the first book in the series in 2018 "Triumphing the Bullies!". Joyce firmly believes that the principles of Yoga and Mindfulness can be life changing tools, which can be adopted by anyone throughout the course of life. When children learn these tools early, it can help set them up with more resilience and support for their adult years. The earlier children learn these practices, the more seeds of positivity get planted, which over time become firmly rooted to help children continue through the course of their own development. 

Mission & Vision

Our mission at Rupert and Pip Yoga is simple. Through the art and wonder of Yoga and Mindfulness, help children to grow into resilient, confident, happy and wise little humans. Children of our world are the future of our planet, so lets support them with solid skills for healthy development. 

Based around the principles of Yoga, and also learning principles of PHSE in schools, the Rupert and Pip brand is moving towards a collection of books and other forms of learning tools to help children navigate their way through young life.

Watch this space for more books, games, posters and activities, all to encourage kids towards confidence, stability and positive mental health!

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